How much hunting land will I have access to when hunting with Caney Creek Outfitters?

Caney Creek Outfitters manages over 30,000 acres of private land. We offer a limited number of hunts each year for free ranging, trophy, whitetail deer.

Where are you located and what units do you operate in?

Our hunting area is North of Highway 166 between the towns of Sedan and Cedar Vale, Kansas. We hunt the productive Caney River Valley in Chautauqua County, Kansas. We hunt in unit 12 during archery and firearms season.

Describe the terrain in your area?

To those of you that have not yet visited this part of the nations heartland, I can only stress that there is nothing like the flat, treeless, farmland you might have envisioned Kansas to be. Our hunt area is an amazing mixture of timber, agricultural fields, native grass prairies and pastures along with great security cover. Plum thickets, nasty coulees and rocky canyons, along with protective cedar glades that give deer plenty of places to hide. Add this to the scores of stock ponds and flood control reservoirs and you have a trophy whitetail hunter’s paradise.

What about hunting license and deer tags?

Non-resident annual hunting licenses are available for $97.50. Deer tags are $442.50 for a non-resident either sex whitetail tag. There are $14.28 in fees when purchased online for a total of $554.28. Kansas Non-Resident Youth Annual Hunting License (under 16) is $42.50 in 2016. Deer Tag ($117.50) Nonresident Youth White-tailed Deer Permit (15 and under). The application period for a non-resident deer tag is April 1st through April 29th. After the drawing for non-resident deer tags, leftover tags go on sale on a first come first serve basis. Every year there have been left over tags after the draw for our hunting unit, unit 12.

Where would I stay if I hunted with Caney Creek Outfitters?

We have a brand new lodge to offer our clients. In 2011 we completed a fantastic building project. Six bedrooms and three full baths downstairs, a huge loft upstairs especially tailored to a couple, and a 40′ x 40′ great room. There is Wi-Fi throughout and a big screen TV round out some of the amenities.

What methods of hunting do you use?

We use comfortable Texas style tower box blinds, ladder stands, double bull “tent style” blinds, tripods, natural vegetation blinds, as well as lock-ons. The stands are placed in prime locations based on “up-to-date” scouting. Our guides transport the hunters up to twice daily to and from their stands. Hunters are welcome to drive their own vehicles to and from their stands, and also, may use their own stands if they prefer.

What about food plots and baiting?

Baiting is legal in Kansas. On some of our ranches, we use feeders to concentrate the does. This brings bucks into the area during the rut. Some of our property has wheat, clover, corn, and other crops the deer feed on. Our ranches are working cattle ranches with a limited amount of farming. We control tens of thousands of acres. We have ranches with and without feeders to suit your style of hunting. We also plant food plots.

How many hunters do you take each year?

We have averaged 20 deer hunters per year over the past 5 years. Last year we took 11 bowhunters and 6 gun hunters. We are happy to keep our operation small and deliver quality service. We are not even beginning to hunt all of our acreage or impact the number of mature bucks. That is the way we like it!

What do I do with my deer once I harvest it?

We will transport your deer to the processor free of charge. You will be responsible for the cost of processing (currently $85). A skinning rack and all the essentials for processing your own deer are available at camp if you wish to “do it yourself.”

Is there a possibility of me harvesting additional game if I tag my buck early?

Yes, Hunters are welcome to take a doe deer in addition to their buck. Non-resident antlerless tags are available for 52.50 over the counter. The only issue that sometime arises is that if you wait to purchase your antlerless tag until after you harvest your buck it will not be valid until the following day. Remember, we also have fantastic fresh water fishing unless the weather is really cold.

How do I book a hunt?

Contact us to book a hunt. 50% of the hunt price is required as a deposit. The balance of the hunt is due 60 days prior to the start of your hunt. No refunds of deposits will be made.