Why here?

The answer is—GREAT GENETICS!

At Caney Creek Outfitters, we are proud to offer some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country, in the beautiful Flint Hills of Southeastern Kansas. Kansas has a well-earned reputation for producing whitetails with huge antlers, and hunting magazines and outdoor television are filled with examples of monster buck fever being cured in Kansas. But, can it really be as good as they say? A quick check of the Pope and Young Record Book shows that of the top 100 entries, Kansas currently ranks #1 in the non-typical category and #2 in the typical whitetail category. Six of the top ten non-typical whitetails recorded in the Pope and Young Record Book come from Kansas! Those entries net score as follows: | 257 | 250 6/8 249 6/8 246 3/8 | 245 4/8 | and 240 inches. So it is true the record book does not lie, Kansas is the place for your bucket list whitetail hunt!

But you must not hunt just anywhere in Kansas and expect a great hunt. The quality of the bucks available to you on a Kansas hunt is dependent on how well the game has been managed. At Caney Creek Outfitters, we have been managing our hunt properties for over twenty years, and we take great care to ensure that our properties provide the best possible hunting experience for our clients. We manage our properties to provide you with the opportunity to take a quality buck, and we are proud to have been recognized as one of the top hunting destinations in the state.

“Mossy Oak’s Guide to Pope and Young Hot spots” states: Kansas is the #1 place for you personally to harvest a Pope and Young buck in the typical or non-typical category. The article also says that Kansas is your best bet for a buck scoring over 150 inches. Come hunt with us in the land of the giants and experience the thrill of hunting for trophy whitetail deer on our 30,000 acres of private ranch and farmland

Unbeatable hunting – unbeatable EXPERIENCE

The Caney Creek Lodge!

Quick Facts About Caney Creek

  • Explore the beauty of the Flint Hills region while hunting on exclusive 30,000 acres of private Kansas ranch and farm ground.
  • Experience success on your hunt with hunting areas that are managed year-round for optimal conditions.
  • Fall in love with the rugged terrain of the Flint Hills, a mix of rocky hills and tall grass prairie.
  • Hunt in an area with high deer densities, with 60 deer per square mile in many of our hunting properties.
  • Take advantage of the unique mineral-rich soils that produce browse that grows massive antlers.
  • Hunt with peace of mind knowing that we limit the number of hunters each year, ensuring that bucks reach their full potential.
  • Enjoy the comfort of our lodge located approximately 14 miles northwest of Sedan, Kansas.
  • Join us for archery hunts from the last week of October through the last week of November, with 5 full days of hunting.
  • Experience the thrill of hunting with firearms, with a 4-day first hunt and 5-day second hunt.
  • Take advantage of the mild winters that enable deer to survive and grow old in our area.

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