The Crew

Jerry Meacham, Owner of Caney Creek Outfitters

Jerry Meacham, the owner of Caney Creek Outfitters in Kansas, is a seasoned hunter and fisherman with a wealth of experience. With over 30 years of guiding experience, he has taken clients on hunting and fishing trips all over North America, from the Arctic Circle to the swamps of Florida. Jerry has a diverse background in hunting and fishing, having operated a hunting outfit in Alabama, where deer season lasted four months, and a commercial and charter fishing business in Florida. He has also guided hunts in Kansas for over 20 years and has hunted extensively in most western states. Additionally, Jerry has owned and operated a sportfishing company in Alaska for 18 years and holds a 100-ton U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license. As a former firefighter and EMT, he is also certified by NASA as an astronaut rescue diver. Jerry is passionate about the outdoors and is well-equipped to guide you on a successful hunting trip in Kansas with Caney Creek Outfitters.

Lance Woods, Senior Guide

Lance is an embodiment of the outdoor adventurer spirit. For instance, back in March 2017, he took on the challenge of crossing the Arctic solo on a snow machine, and that’s not even the first time he’s done it. He’s also taken on a motorcycle journey from Kansas all the way to the tip of South America, and skied the entire Iditarod trail by himself. He has a wealth of experience guiding in Alaska, is a skilled trapper, and has even worked as a taxidermist. But that’s not all, he’s also a friendly and helpful guide to guests, doesn’t talk much, and never brags about himself. He’s the hardest worker you’ll ever meet and never complains. He’s of Norwegian descent, and cold weather is not a problem for him. I’ve even seen him sleep with no heat and the windows open when it was -8°F outside, and I’m not exaggerating. However, his one weakness is warm temperatures and snakes, any kind of snakes, even non-poisonous ones. When it comes to hunting, Lance is my go-to guy. Whether it’s tracking, skinning, caping of your trophy buck, or taking care of your venison, he’s an expert in all of it. He’s simply the best I’ve ever seen and I truly believe he belongs in the ranks of Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.